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Oktyabrsky Zoo

Zoo is a wonderful place to have fun for both children and adults!

If you want to feel closer to nature, you are welcome to come!

We are located:

31a Sovetskaya street, Oktyabrsky, Gomel Oblast, 247319
tel./fax. +375-2357-3-82-42


Opening hours: 10.00-19.00.
Director 8 (02357)382-42, + 375 33 366 86 00
Cash desk 8 (02357) 300-82

Oktyabrsky Zoo is a great place for recreation for both the residents of Oktyabrsky and visitors from around Belarus.

The zoo was opened on 6 May 2003. The zoo’s collection comprises more than 60 species of animals and rare representatives of the fauna of Belarus.

Predators: brown bear, Canadian wolves, foxes, ferrets, coatis, striped raccoon.

Ungulates: bison, yak, pony, donkey, horse, spotted deer, European fallow deer, elk, Cameroon goats, Romanov sheep.

Birds: common owl, long-eared owl, goshawk, sedge, spotted eagle, kestrel, pheasant (silver, golden, Romanian), guinea fowl, swan, peacock, chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, stork.

Our visitors can also observe: ornamental rabbits, turtles, guinea pigs, Dungarian hamsters, squirrels, degus, gerbil mice, and others.

The collection of animals continues to expand due to the acquisition of new species, exchanges with other zoos, and newest additions.

The zoo's conservation activities include:

- preservation and breeding of wild species of animals within the zoo conditions
- observations to identify favorable living conditions for animals
- education of the public in nature protection
- cooperation with nature protection organizations, ecological center, educational institutions
- ecological, spiritual and moral education of the younger generation.

The zoo offers a wonderful opportunity to observe animals in conditions close to their natural habitats, learn more about animals and birds, their behavior, and the importance of their protection.

Today our zoo is a favorite place of recreation for local residents.

Dear visitors, please remember that animals perceive the area of the zoo and their habitats (enclosures) as their personal territory. In this regard, any attempts to get inside the enclosures (even with an outstretched hand or a finger in order to pet or feed the animal), the pets you bring with you may cause the zoo animals to show anxiety and aggression aimed at protecting their territory.


Excursions (individual, sightseeing, thematic)
Environmental events, festivals, developmental programs, quests, sport entertainment programs, field trips, and lectures.

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