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  • The local zoo is a tourist attractionThe local zoo is a tourist attraction
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There is a stadium, 18 gyms, 66 sports grounds in the region. A sports compound is in the stage of construction. There are 5 regional federations of football, volleyball, athletics, chess and draughts, table tennis, body building.

The region conducts 5 sports events: regional all-the-year-round sports day in ten sports, regional competition among students, competition among the organizations and companies, agricultural producers, children and teenagers’ sports event. Some 29 companies and organizations competed in the regional all-the-year-round competition in 2004.

Four representatives of the Oktyabrskiy region are on the national team of the Republic of Belarus. The most famous is Tatyana Zhulego-Alisevich – European all-round athletics champion in individual and team events.