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Agriculture of the region is represented by 4 agricultural utilities and 6 agricultural producers' co-operatives which mainly engage in plant growing and cattle breeding. The total area of the farm lands in the region is 138,1 thousand hectares, the areas of lands of agricultural companies – 45,3 thousand hectares, including arable lands – 23,1 thousand hectares. The crops are sown on 9,603 hectares, potatoes – on 336 hectares, forage crops – 12,666 hectares.

Over the ten months of 2005 the public agricultural sector produced goods at the value of Br19,5 billion, cattle breeding production – Br9 billion. The output in plant growing amounted to Br10,3 billion what meets last year’s level. The harvest of grain-crops was 23,7 thousand tons at the sum of more than Br4 billion.

There are 15 farms involved in potatoes and vegetable growing.

About 1,890 people are employed in agricultural sector.